Cassette tapes

Carrying of data, or a collection of songs, files were made possible with the invention of this system. People went into a bit more advanced mode from FM. Go to  They could save their recording in these cassettes.

Cassette was made by a plastic material, with reels of plastic material. This made carrying them a little easier. Car audio deck was also replaced from FM systems to Cassette decks.

People started using it more and more, to communicate messages via audio to a larger audience. Artists gave life to their interests through this medium and it became a huge success.

These then large tapes were finally modified into a rectangular shaped object. Almost up to 3 decades, cassette tapes ruled the audio system.

Only drawback was with rewinding and forwarding Each cassette could play up to an hours’ time. 30 minutes on each side. This also changed the way music was perceived with the invention of Walkman’s etc.