Colombian Mochila bags, a splash of colors

Fashion today is striking the right balance between tradition and modernity. To be able to stand out, there needs to be a correct blend of the relevant and the future. Gone are the days when fashionable men and women sported only pastel shades to portray class and sophistication. In contrast, today, the fashion field is young, dynamic and full of color.

Men and women are at par with each other, at home and at work. The fact that women have spending power and are in charge of what and how they buy, the impact on the design industry is obvious. More and more women prefer functionality with style. The conventional but dull and boring has given way to the smart, durable and the colorful. In this context, the Colombian Mochila bag is a relevant example.

The Mochila Wayuu bag as it is known is a hundred percent handcrafted bag traditionally made by the womenfolk of the Wayuu tribe, an ethnic tribe that inhabits a protected desert land between Venezuela and Columbia, in the Guajira Peninsula of South America. This art is passed from one generation to another in the tribe. The Mochila is full of lively colors and geometric patterns signifying the elements of nature and other elements of the Cosmos.

The Mochila bag is a must have for every person with an evolved fashion taste. The bag is sure to change the look of any attire. Pair it with a work look or a party dress, Mochila is the perfect accessory to enhance the personality of the wearer. It is also a great relief from the monotone and boring hide bags. In addition, the bag is made from eco friendly materials and without even the slightest harm to any living creature. This fact itself can let the wearer be guilt-free.